Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Jack Daniel's

As we all know people have many addictions, some of them are good, healthy and cheap. But of course the bad, the unhealthy and the expensive habits are the ones that are mostly preferred by us. And according to the society two of these addictions are the worst, it is not  drugs and gambling, it is cigarettes and alcohol. People see these two products as something wrong, bad and evil, but majority of them are still consuming them. So my blog is going to try to understand more about some of the biggest companies, their interesting history and how are they making people use these demonised products that kill us. In this blog I am going to speak about three brands of cigarettes and four brands of alcohol.


Today we will start with JACK DANIELS:



Jack Daniel’s is one of the most famous brands of whiskies around the world. It is also one of the most successful brands in the alcohol industry. It has been founded 142 years ago in 1875 by a guy called Jasper Newton “Jack” Daniel. Jack was one of many children, his mother had ten children and his father had 13. One year after he was born his mother died, his father found a new wife and had more children, he died in the Civil War, Jack didn’t like his step mother so he left home when he was a teenager. The young boy was taken in by a local distiller named Call who thought him the secrets of making alcohol. Everything started in Moore County, America in 1875 when Jack founded a legally registered distilling business with Call, when Call gave up on the alcohol industry because of religious beliefs, he left everything to Jack. The quality of the alcohol was good, also the square bottle was something different, it was there to create a sense of integrity and fairness. So the brand started growing, Jack Daniel died in 1911 but the business lived on and grew more and more.



-          The place from where Jack Daniel’s originates “Moore County” is a Dry County which means no alcohol can be sold, therefore the product can not be purchased in this county.

-          Jack Daniel’s is a Tenesse Whisky and top selling American whisky in the world.

-          Jack Daniel’s should be classified as straight bourbon, but the company wants it to be market as Tenesse Whisky.

-          The netcome of the company is $121,700,000.

-          The brand sold 11 million cases in 2013.

-          In 2014 Jack Daniel’s was ranked 4th on the global list of top wines and spirits brands by “Intangible Business”.

What does Jack Daniel’s do to make people buy the product? :

Jack Daniel’s makes a very good quality of alcohol and people buy it. Jack Daniel’s is a huge brand and it makes sure that  it is well maintained and it keeps the image that it has.

Jack Daniel’s does sponsorship and they are very successful. Recent sponsorships were with V8 Supercar, Perkins Engineering, Kelly Racing, NASCAR cup series etc. Their main idea was sport cars and it works, these races are watched by million of people and they definitely reach a big part of their target audience. In the past the brand has other interesting sponsorship deals, but for me the most iconic one is the one with “Slash” from “Guns and Roses”. In almost every picture Slash holds a bottle of Jack Daniel’s, on videos, even concerts. Same thing applies for Jimmy Page from Led Zepplin. Slash and Page were some of the biggest rockstars ever and I can assure you that a lot of people started drinking “Jack” just because their rock legends drink it.


The advertising of the brand is also as good as the PR, one of their adverts includes Frank Sinatra, a gigantic star who loved Jack Daniel’s. Other advert is patriotic and speaks about America, each of their adverts has a theme and a way to reach the customers.



People can be persuaded to do something if they see that other people do it, especially if it is famous people, it becomes like a trend, regardless how stupid or dangerous it is. Jack Daniel’s has reached the peak in branding and I think that society doesn’t mind that alcohol is bad for your health, as long as it is Jack Daniel’s it’s worth it. People feel special having this beverage, they just finished their boring job at the office but they will open the bottle and they will have a glass of it just like a “rockstar”.

Keep an eye for my next post in which I will speak about one of the famous brands in the cigarettes industry.


  1. Really interesting first post. I had no idea that was a formal PR partnership with Slash - I assumed he just liked the brand!

    1. Yes I find very interesting how Jack Daniel's had used the Celebrity Endorsment tool troughout the years.