Wednesday, 22 March 2017


Hello everyone, I am back with the third post in this blog I hope you enjoy it. As you probably already know this blog is all about cigarettes and alcohol an the big brands in this industry area. In my first post I spoke about one of the biggest alcohol brands Jack Daniel’s: a spirit brand. This time I decided to look into a drink that is very popular and it is mostly preferred by men. Yes you got it right, it is beer. Beer is the worlds oldest and mostly consumed alcoholic beverage. It is the third most popular drink overall after water and tea. The creation of beer is possibly dating back to 9500 years BC. It is so old that during the building of the Pyramids in Egypt, each worker got a good amount of beer every day, it was refreshing for the workers and it was lifting their spirit. Beer is also very important nowadays, almost every restaurant, bar, pub, hotel, club etc. is selling beer. Beer is a light version of alcohol which is consumed cold, that is why a lot of people have only as a refreshment.

The beer brand which we are going to look into is called HEINEKEN:


In 1864 on 15th of February, Gerard Adriaan Heineken got his rich mother to buy a brewery in Amsterdam called “De Hooiberg”. After that he hired Dr. Elion who developed Heineken recipe and the first Heineken brand beer was brewed. Only two years later in 1875 Heineken won the Medaille D’Or(Gold Medal) at the International Maritime Exposition in Paris, that was a huge success for the company and they began to ship beer in Paris very regularly. With the time Heineken sales topped 6,400,000 litres, which made them the biggest beer exporter to France. The brand kept growing and today it is one of the most successful beer companies in the world.



-          After the alcohol ban in America was lifted in 1933, Heineken was the first European beer which was imported to the United States.

-          Heineken is famous with it’s green bottle and the red star on it.

-          In 2011 2.74 billion litres of Heineken brand beer were produced worldwide.


-          In 2011 the total beer production of all breweries fully owned by Heineken was 16.46 billion litres.

-          Heineken is sold in more than 170 countries and it is the world’s most international beer.

-          The brand is connected with many other beer brands from different countries including Mexico, Africa and China.

What does Heineken do to make people buy the product?

Heineken is a premium lager which has been around for over than 150 years, it has established itself as a brand and has proven that it produces high quality beer. It is easy recognisable, the green bottle and the red star can be spot very easily. And of course it does what all the big brands should do, it gets it’s marketing right.

Heineken is famous for it’s advertising. The adverts that the brand has are always very funny and clever. For an example my favourite is the one where one woman is showing around her new flat to her girlfriends and in the end she shows them her walk-in closet full with clothes and shoes, and they start screaming  hysterically because they are very excited. At the same moment you hear men screaming as well and the camera shows us the man of the house with his men friends showing them his walk-in fridge which is full with bottles of Heineken.
Commercials like this one make you smile and somehow they make you feel closer to the brand. Heineken also use celebrities in some of their campaigns, for example Jennifer Aniston and Chris Pine.

Except the advertising strategies Heineken has a good PR side as well. The brand does not do a lot of sponsorship but the ones that it does are crucial for the success of the brand. In my opinion the best sponsorship deal they have is the one with Champions League, the biggest club football tournament in the world watched by millions and millions of people around the world. Also lets not forget that beer and football go hand by hand, 90% of the people drink beer when they watch football, it is like popcorn and cinema. Other huge deals that Heineken have are Formula 1, Rugby World Cup and Canadian Grand Prix.

Beer has been here longer than most of the things we have in the present world and it will most likely stay a lot more. The way that Heineken promotes the light refreshing alcohol it produces, the sponsorship, the humour and the celebrity endorsement are the key points of their success. At the same time it is seen as a high class beer on a normal price, and that is another reason for people buying it.

Now get yourself a beer, enjoy the rest of your day, and keep an eye for my next post.


  1. I think Heineken's advertising can feel like it makes fun of women a bit and could alienate female customers. Their sponsorships are very masculine too. I know the main lager market is males, but there are plenty of women who enjoy a beer, especially in summer. Do you think the brand runs the risk of losing female customers, or is it so popular with men that they actually don't care?

  2. Yes I think the brand is very much masculine and this way it might loose some female audience. But in my opinion Heineken is very well known and established amongst males and it wouldn't suffer so much if it doesn't attract a lot of the female audience.

  3. Very interest much knowledge